Posted 7/28/2020
The shower at the Satellite pool is temporarily out of order and will be repaired once maintenance receives the part.
Posted 7/23/2020
Additional Blue Stream details may be found in the Helpful Things to Know section of the website. Mobile users must scroll down to the section.
Posted 7/21/20
If you should have any questions regarding Blue Stream please email Tim Johns directly, as you will get a quicker response.
Tim's email address is iwcacondo@aol.com.
Posted 7/17/2020
Link to Blue Stream Service Agreement   here.
Posted 7/16/20
Please be advised realtors with potential buyers are not permitted in the park at this time due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  However, virtual showings are permitted.
Tim Johns
Community Association Manager
POSTED 7/15/20
As many of you know  by now, we signed a new contract providing cable  service to  IW 
First,  let me say as Tim wrote there are many details to follow.
Yes , I did plan on having meetings in the fall with Comcast and Blue stream and we were proceeding with plans to do that. 
However; much to our surprise, Bluestream sent us a revised proposal with a 30 day window giving us savings  and features beyond what Comcast had proposed. 
The savings specifics will follow as they are lengthy .
Having said that their bulk rate has significant savings in addition they will be installing new fiber optics thru out the park, at no cost to the the park or individual homeowners. Each unit will also be provided with two Tivo boxes at no cost. 
The list goes on and will be made public soon.
I'm saddened  by the fact that some immediately conclude that conspiracy  is taking place to screw the homeowners. 
The entire board, the Tech committee, the consultant we used to help us through this process  and Tim reviewed and contributed  to the contract. To clarify there is no requirement for the owners or for the Board to approve the cable contract nor was this done in the past. Nonetheless, the Technology Committee, which was tasked by the Board to research the options( to include contacting communities regarding the experience with both providers). , the entire board but one and Tim as well as our consultant felt that the Blue Stream package was an outstanding option and should be seized upon within the 30 day window. There simply wasn't enough time to conduct all the final negotiations and review and try to get the owners involved. 
Please be patient and absorb all the facts before you speak.
I personally  feel we have done the right thing for the park.
Keep safe.
Bill Hughes
POSTED 7/14/2020 
Dear Owners of Imperial Wilderness:
I am excited to announce our partnership with Blue Stream to provide bulk cable services to Imperial Wilderness.  Our Technology Committee has been working for a year and a half to get the best service and technological advancements out on today's market. 
A lot of research and testimonials from Blue Stream customers has been done by our Technology Committee, so thank you committee members for your dedication and hard work.
As soon as the service agreement is fully executed, I will post it to our web site so everyone can see what we are getting. I know you will be as excited as I am about this transition. Have a great summer and stay safe. 
Tim Johns
Community Association Manager
POSTED 7/09/2020 
 Dear Owners,
This is a reminder that if you have family, friends or visitors coming to stay with you or rent/stay at your property, they MUST QUARANTINE FOR 14 DAYS. That means NO use of the amenities until they have completed the quarantine. We take minimizing the spread of COVID-19 extremely serious and if your guests cannot adhere to this then they will be asked to leave. 
Park Manager
Posted 04/24/2020
         Communication from President Hughes and Treasurer Gilfedder updating residents on the status of our cable television research and status of our audit and other Treasurer details. Link to  Hughes letter here. Link to Gilfedder letter here.
Posted 2/29/2020
There is a project planned in your area to help improve your electric service. We understand how much you depend on reliable energy and we're continuously working to make it better. This project is scheduled to begin 03/01/2020 and is expected to be completed by 12/31/2020.
We'll do everything possible to keep power interruptions to a minimum. However, should an outage of 15 minutes or more become necessary, we'll notify you at least five days in advance.
We pledge to work safely and respectfully in your community, and make reasonable efforts to minimize inconveniences to you or your neighbors. For questions, call 800-693-3267, Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and refer to Capri Hardening, Feeder 504062, WR 8580103.

Halloween Costume Party & Potluck
Saturday, October 31, 2020
Halloween Costumes encouraged but not required, though prizes are fabulous! Bering a dish to pass and participate in the fun!
Veteran's Day
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Thanksgiving Dinner by Betty & Roger
Thursday, November 26, 2020
Betty and Roger are teaming up once again to prepare a whole turkey, dressing and gravy for your table. Bring your own places settings. Social hour at 3 PM/Dinner at...

Upcoming Special Events
Tuesday, March 7th to Friday, April 30th at Clubhouse
Activity committee members will sell tickets for scheduled ticketed events Monday mornings after the general activities meeting, Wednesday 11:30 - 1:00 and Saturday morning 8:30-9:30. Note: Tickets will be for sale during these times even if meals are not being served. If paying by cash, please try to bring the exact amount. If paying by check, please make your check payable to IW Activities Committee (IWAC). If reserved seating is an option, don't forget to fill out your table reservation!


Helpful Things to Know
  • New July 23,2020
  • Link to Blue Stream Service and Pricing  Here.
  • Link to Seasonal Services Suspension  Here
  • You Tube link to the TiVO Experience  Here
  • New, April 17,2020, Link to Hurricane Preparedness Checklist (PDF) here.
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm  (closed for lunch 12-12:30 pm) Please check in at the office when you arrive  for the season and when you depart for home. Lost and Found located in the office. 
    • Park Manager: Tim Johns
    • Office Manager: Beth Johnson
    • Office Associate: Irene Brooks
    • ​​Office phone number: 239-793-6220   
    • Fax number:  239-793-4378
  • Wi-Fi is available in the clubhouse.  Contact IWCA office for logon and password.
  • IWCA Mailing Address:
    • ​Name
    • 14100 E. Tamiami Trail
    • Lot Number ( absolutely necessary)
    • Naples, FL 34114
  • Link to Information for Landlords and Renters.  Need both Rental Packet and Required Lease Contract
  • Rules and Regulations for owners and renters are currently available online or in the office upon request and included in the Welcoming Packet for new owners and renters. 
  • Activities meeting, Mondays at 9:00 - Coffee at 8:30. Come hear about upcoming events and community news. Free coffee if you bring your own cup. Twenty-five cents if you don't. Bring extra change for treats as well. Find out what's happening. All are welcome.
  • The Voice of the Wilderness newsletter is delivered to your door monthly with information on activities, updates, interesting articles and more.
  • Trash is picked up Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Have your trash out by 8:00 am. Let's keep the wild animals hungry.  Please do not put trash out the night before pickup.  Trash should be placed on the sidewalk side of the road. 
  • Recycled materials are picked up on Thursday mornings. Have your recyclables placed on both sides of the road by 9:00 am for pick up.  Information on how and what to recycle can be found at Recycling Etiquette. Recycling helps our environment.
  • Water is precious to all of us. Just a reminder that it is not an unlimited resource. 
  • Stop signs are not a suggestion. They are there for your safety. 
  • Please walk with a lit flashlight when walking after dark.
  • When biking after dark, please use a headlight and rear blinky.
  • Please, no Canadian coins in the laundry. The washers and dryers don't like them. $2.00/machine.
  • We are a gated community, but you need to lock your homes, cars and golf carts. 
  • Our sewer system will malfunction if you flush anything other than waste material and toilet paper. No diapers please. 
  • COMCAST: SKIP THE LINE & SAVE SOME TIME- Go online and make an appointment! WWW.XFINITYSTORES.COM - Make sure to specify the store at 12707 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34114
  • Pool Hours and Requests:
    • ​Satellite - Sunrise to Sunset
    • Clubhouse - Sunrise to 10:00 pm
    • Please use towels on poolside chairs to help keep them clean. Sunscreen/lotions add to the grime and dust accumulation.
    • Please remember to shower before entering the pool. 
    • Please straighten chairs/lounges and return noodles to their storage container.
    •  No food or beverages are allowed in the pool area.  Please enjoy your beverages and snacks on the adjoining patio outside of the lanai.
    • Thank you for your anticipated help in keeping the pool area clean and tidy. 
  • ​NEED PROPANE? "Thompson Gas delivers propane in IWCA every Friday during the season.  Brian is the delivery man. There is a sign up sheet in the mail room on the bulletin board which he picks up every Friday morning. Please list your name, Lot # and Telephone number so Brian can contact you and find you.  If you feel more comfortable calling the Thompson propane office to schedule a delivery, call 239-992-7942.
  • Beach Permits may be picked up at Eagle Lakes Community Park, 11565 Tamiami Trl. E., Naples FL 34112. Property owners pay no fee but they must bring tax bill, current drivers license and vehicle registration. as proof of ownership. The city is no longer selling non-resident beach parking passes. 
Updated 1/02/2020