Posted 03/05/2021
Link to March 8, 2021 1:00 pm Zoom webinar pdf announcement here.
Zoom Webinar, Monday, March 8, 2021, 1:00pm
Topic: Annual Meeting
Passcode 953518
Posted 02/13/2021
Notice of Board of Directors meeting "Special Assessment for COVID-19 recovery:
Date: March 2, 2021, Time: 10:00am, Clubhouse and Zoom
Link to agenda and supporting document Here.
Zoom connecting instructions to follow.
Posted 02/10/2021
Reminder from the Safety and Security Committee
Please get into the habit of locking things up, vehicles including golf carts, doors to units and campers, storage sheds. Link to the Committee message here.
POSTED 02/05/2021
Ballot and Proxy Notice and Second Notice of Annual Meeting/Agenda March 8, 2021 link HERE
Posted 12/02/2020
Link to proposed 2021 budget Here, note opens in a new window, best viewed on a computer monitor or laptop screen.
Link to Budget Adoption Notice Here
Link to Delinquent Assessment Collection Procedures 2021 here
Posted 10/03/2020
Link to Collier County Sheriff "You Hold the Key To a Safe Community" notice HERE.
Posted 09-25-2020
Self quarantine and face covering message from IW Park Manager, link to the 11 page document  HERE
Posted 9/17/2020
Just a reminder for all returning homeowners, renters and guests, 
You must self quarantine for 14 days upon arriving into the park, which means you cannot use the amenities.
If you choose not to self-quarantine you must get a rapid COVID-19 test in Naples, submit the results to our office and your results will remain confidential.  If you test negative you can use the amenities.  The location for the testing will be posted soon.
Thank you, 
Tim Johns
Community Association Manager
Posted 7/23/2020
Blue Stream service agreement and options details may be found in the Helpful Things to Know section of the website. Mobile users must scroll down to the section.
Posted 7/16/20
Please be advised realtors with potential buyers are not permitted in the park at this time due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  However, virtual showings are permitted.
Tim Johns
Community Association Manager

Dessert Auction & Supper (Postponed 2022)
Sunday, March 7, 2021
This annual event is so much fun! Family heirloom dessert recipes and beautiful gourmet desserts show up in all forms. All entries are auctioned off following a delicious light supper!...
Church of the Wilderness
Sunday, March 7, 2021
9am to 10:30am
The Church of the Wilderness,a non-denominational congregation, will begin its first service for the 2021 season on Sunday January 10th at 9:00 am in the clubhouse. Please wear your face...
Tommy's Invitational Shufflebboard Tournament
Sunday, March 7, 2021

Upcoming Special Events
Monday, January 18th to Friday, December 30th at Clubhouse
Activity committee members will sell tickets for scheduled ticketed events Monday mornings after the general activities meeting, Wednesday 11:30 - 1:00 and Saturday morning 8:30-9:30. Note: Tickets will be for sale during these times even if meals are not being served. If paying by cash, please try to bring the exact amount. If paying by check, please make your check payable to IW Activities Committee (IWAC). If reserved seating is an option, don't forget to fill out your table reservation!
Sunday, March 7th, 10:30 AM at SHUFFLEBOARD COURT
Shuffleboard Tournament 10:30 AM.
Sunday, March 7th, SEE BELOW at CLUBHOUSE
Annual IW Memorial Service
The annual Memorial Service for IW members who passed away in 2020 will be held on Sunday, March 7, 2021.  Due to Covid virus concerns, the format will be totally different from previous years.  During the afternoon of the 7th we will have several 1/2 hour visitation sessions for those who wish to pay their respects. Masks and social distancing will be required for all attendees. Attendance at each afternoon 1/2 hours visitation session will be limited to 20 attendees. There will be an opportunity to sign up ahead of time for the visitation sessions. The final session at 6:00 pm will be a program for immediate family members only. 
During each 1/2 hours visitation in the afternoon, we will run a video remembering those we are honoring, and attendees will be encouraged to leave their written thoughts and remembrances for the families. Remembrance candles and portrait pictures of those we are honoring will be on individual tables spread throughout the club. Your condolence/remembrance messages may be left for the families on the appropriate tables. There will not be any formal program during the afternoon sessions 
More information will be forthcoming as it is developed. 
FA, Lot #525
Memorial Service Coordinator
Monday, March 8th, 1:00 P M at OUTSIDE and ZOOM
Wednesday, March 10th, 12:00 - 1:00 PM at CLUBHOUSE PARKING LOT
The Men's Softball Team is hosting lunch for the first two Wednesdays in March! Thanks to the team, you are treated to 2 hot dogs, 2 burgers, or a combination bag with chips for $5.00 (exact amount please) Masks and social distancing protocol observed. 
JANICE DIAZ/Island Star Karaoke
Wednesday, March 10th, 4:00 o- 6:00 PM at CLUBHOUSE POOL DECK
Ms.Diaz is a well known karaoke entertainer throughout the Naples area! Come on down to the clubhouse to sing and dance! Social distancing and masking protocol will be followed. BYOB and snacks! The hat will be passed to help defray costs.
Wednesday, March 17th, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM at CLUBHOUSE PARKING LOT
Artisans from Imperial Wilderness will have their arts and crafts for sale. The "Three P's" (Proudlock, Pryzbylo and Podzius ) will be serving Grab'n Go Lunch.  $5.00 for 2 hamburgers, 2 hot dogs or a combo meal with chips and condiments!  Masks and social distancing protocol observed. 
Thursday, March 25th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM at CLUBHOUSE PORTICO
Hot Dam is an IWCA favorite! Norm plays a smoking lead guitar and Debbie plays a zeta standup bass. Both are vocalists complimenting each other with harmonies. They boast a repertoire of over 1,000 songs. The mechanical drum machine keeps the dance beat moving. On some gigs you will see them with a live drummer. You will hear country music from today's Top 40 to country songs made famous as far back as 40 years ago; you can also expect to hear songs ranging from the 50's, 60's and 70's classic rock.  Gather under the portico for your listening and dancing enjoyment. BYOB and a snack, a chair or golf cart. Please note the time change.! Masking and Social distancing protocol will be observed. 


Helpful Things to Know
  • New August 21, 2020  20 page Blue Stream Service Contract  Here.
  • New July 23,2020
  • Link to Blue Stream Service and Pricing  Here.
  • Link to Seasonal Services Suspension  Here
  • You Tube link to the TiVO Experience  Here
  • New, April 17,2020, Link to Hurricane Preparedness Checklist (PDF) here.
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm  (closed for lunch 12-12:30 pm) Please check in at the office when you arrive  for the season and when you depart for home. Lost and Found located in the office. 
    • Park Manager: Tim Johns
    • Office Manager: Beth Johnson
    • Office Associate: Irene Brooks
    • ​​Office phone number: 239-793-6220   
    • Fax number:  239-793-4378
  • Wi-Fi is available in the clubhouse.  Contact IWCA office for logon and password.
  • IWCA Mailing Address:
    • ​Name
    • 14100 E. Tamiami Trail
    • Lot Number ( absolutely necessary)
    • Naples, FL 34114
  • HOW TO SIGN UP FOR IW EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: to receive email notifications you must register on this webpage. The link to register is to the right of the Logon link at the top of the homepage. Select Membership and fill out the form completely.  You will receive a confirming email once your registration has been approved. 
  • Link to Information for Landlords and Renters.  Need both Rental Packet and Required Lease Contract
  • Rules and Regulations for owners and renters are currently available online or in the office upon request and included in the Welcoming Packet for new owners and renters. 
  • Activities meeting, Mondays at 9:00 - Coffee at 8:30. Come hear about upcoming events and community news. Free coffee if you bring your own cup. Twenty-five cents if you don't. Bring extra change for treats as well. Find out what's happening. All are welcome.
  • The Voice of the Wilderness newsletter is delivered to your door monthly with information on activities, updates, interesting articles and more.
  • Trash is picked up Monday Wednesday and Friday. Have your trash out by 8:00 am. Let's keep the wild animals hungry.  Please do not put trash out the night before pickup.  Trash should be placed on the sidewalk side of the road. 
  • Recycled materials are picked up on Thursday mornings. Have your recyclables placed on both sides of the road by 9:00 am for pick up.  Information on how and what to recycle can be found at Recycling Etiquette. Recycling helps our environment.
  • Water is precious to all of us. Just a reminder that it is not an unlimited resource. 
  • Stop signs are not a suggestion. They are there for your safety. 
  • Please walk with a lit flashlight when walking after dark.
  • When biking after dark, please use a headlight and rear blinky.
  • Please, no Canadian coins in the laundry. The washers and dryers don't like them. $2.00/machine.
  • We are a gated community, but you need to lock your homes, cars and golf carts. 
  • Our sewer system will malfunction if you flush anything other than waste material and toilet paper. No diapers please. 
  • COMCAST: SKIP THE LINE & SAVE SOME TIME- Go online and make an appointment! WWW.XFINITYSTORES.COM - Make sure to specify the store at 12707 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34114
  • Pool Hours and Requests:
    • ​Satellite - Sunrise to Sunset
    • Clubhouse - Sunrise to 10:00 pm
    • Please use towels on poolside chairs to help keep them clean. Sunscreen/lotions add to the grime and dust accumulation.
    • Please remember to shower before entering the pool. 
    • Please straighten chairs/lounges and return noodles to their storage container.
    •  No food or beverages are allowed in the pool area.  Please enjoy your beverages and snacks on the adjoining patio outside of the lanai.
    • Thank you for your anticipated help in keeping the pool area clean and tidy. 
  • ​NEED PROPANE? "Thompson Gas delivers propane in IWCA every Friday during the season.  Brian is the delivery man. There is a sign up sheet in the mail room on the bulletin board which he picks up every Friday morning. Please list your name, Lot # and Telephone number so Brian can contact you and find you.  If you feel more comfortable calling the Thompson propane office to schedule a delivery, call 239-992-7942.
  • Beach Permits may be picked up at Eagle Lakes Community Park, 11565 Tamiami Trl. E., Naples FL 34112. Property owners pay no fee but they must bring tax bill, current drivers license and vehicle registration. as proof of ownership. The city is no longer selling non-resident beach parking passes. 
Updated 1/02/2020