Legally Required Documents
This is a list of the documents required under Florida Statutes 718.111(12)(g). Link to Florida condo statute here.
The following is a summary list of the required documents with links to those documents if available. Links are in blu as the condo statue link above. Links will open in a new window.
Recorded Declaration of Condominium amendments, Recorded Bylaws off the association and amendments and Articles of incorporation and amendments (as filed with the Department of State) Link to this large PDF file Here
Management agreements, lease or other contracts obligating unit owners
2018 Auditors Report (Large file, may take time to load in a new window)
The following are posted under FLASH NOTICES, CALENDAR and UPCOMING EVENTS as they are scheduled:
Notice of unit owner meeting and agenda
Notice of any board meeting, the agenda and other documents required for the meeting.
Board of Director's Meeting Minutes: